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Heat Relief 4 LA Campaign!

Climate Emergency Mobilization Office (CEMO) and the Board of Public Works, invites you to save the date and join us on Wednesday, May 24 at 2:00 pm for our virtual Heat Relief 4 LA Campaign 2023 Launch! At this event, we will feature a panel of City and community leaders

How Marta Segura Became LA's First Chief Heat Officer & Climate Emergency Mobilization Director

As a child growing up in San Jose, California, she wondered why her neighborhood was being sprayed with pesticides. The more questions she asked, the more she found herself drawn to environmental justice and community advocacy. Now, she is working to make sure that one of the biggest cities in

Los Angeles & Climate Justice

Marta Segura, Chief Heat Officer & Climate Emergency Mobilization Director for the city of Los Angeles, talks about using mapping and location technology to help bring relief to residents during heatwaves. Esri’s John Lenahan and Segura chat about why heat resilience is becoming top priority for city leaders and businesses

Honoring Cesar Chavez

His movement and Grape Boycott gave me a way forward during a time of crisis for my community and that of so many others. Cesar Chavez was and is many things to many people. He was a Mexican-American, Indigenous leader, visionary, labor leader, civil rights activist, faith leader, and housing

Heat Relief for LA with Cool Spots LA App

In the City of Los Angeles, we suffer from excessive air pollution, and extreme heat, and now LA has 6X the heatwaves we once did. With more exposure to hot, stagnated air pollution, and less time for our bodies to recover from our longer heat seasons and urban heat island,