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The Office of Climate Emergency Mobilization’s collaborative approach combines meaningful community engagement & mobilization, as per our CEMO Blueprint, with Equity as a throughline. Our goal centers on equitable climate solutions and the creation of a healthy, thriving, resilient Los Angeles. Our blueprint includes the activation of a community-led Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission (CEMC), ongoing community assemblies, and virtual events, since we believe an aware and engaged public will be key to the effective implementation of equitable climate policies and in line with LA’s Green New Deal.


To guide our City’s decision makers on creating equitable climate policy, we are compelled to develop climate equity metrics. The following definition captures the spirit and intent to achieve this goal. “It is when all people have full and equal access to opportunities that enable them to attain their full potential.” 


THE CITY of LA’s first Chief Heat Officer and CEMO Director


Chief Heat Officer & CEMO Director

Marta Segura serves as both the Chief Heat Officer and Director of Climate Emergency Mobilization for the City of Los Angeles and is one of 10 Chief Heat Officers worldwide. Segura is policy thought leader in extreme heat, environmental justice, climate, public health and stakeholder engagement, and has extensive expertise in leading public, philanthropic, private, institutional, and non-profit sectors to design, implement, and drive equitable climate policy promoting healthier and more engaged communities.

Segura's extensive track record in environmental health sciences, climate, and environmental justice policy equips her well for her current roles in the City of Los Angeles. Segura is spearheading internal and external strategic partnerships for the work ahead in the development of our Climate Vulnerability Assessment, Heat Action Plan, Local Hazard Mitigation Plan and our City’s Climate Action Plan to prioritize climate equity and health metrics and outcomes. Segura is committed to connecting community voices to achieve healthier, thriving, climate-adapted communities and shaping equitable climate policy for the City of Los Angeles.


The climate emergency and extreme heat hazards, coupled with the dire impacts on frontline and historically disinvested communities in the City of Los Angeles, inspired the creation of the Climate Emergency Mobilization Office (CEMO). The CEMO, guided by the principles of environmental justice, aligns with LA’s Green New Deal and collaborates with City Departments and Bureaus through meaningful engagement with environmental and frontline leaders and their communities to mitigate climate emergencies such as extreme heat.

Equitable & Impactful Climate Solutions For All Angelenos

The CEMO focuses on addressing and engaging the voices of frontline communities and the broader LA community to create a dialogue, and mobilize their voices to create equitable climate policies and initiatives. Climate change is adversely impacting frontline communities unequally, and has created historical and direct health and economic threats to our communities of color. These communities are the most pollution burdened, health burdened, and have the least access to economic mobility. A clean energy transformation and infrastructure investments can bring affordable and subsidized options to fulfill the vision of this green transition for all.

The CEMO convenes ongoing Community Assemblies through its Climate Equity LA Series, in coordination with frontline organizations and other key stakeholders throughout Los Angeles. These sessions help to integrate community knowledge and inform the Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission (CEMC) as they establish priorities. These plans will advise the City Council, Mayor, and City Departments to shape equitable climate solutions and investments.

Core Functions of our office

  1. Ensure that the City's climate policies have equity as a throughline and are equitably executed.
  2. Facilitate the voices of the Community Assemblies and the Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission.
  3. Innovate governance strategies to lift the voices of communities to shape equitable solutions. This must be the heart of the City’s climate strategy!
  4. Coordinate and collaborate with City leaders across various departments to achieve the goals of LA’s Green New Deal.



Chief Heat Officer and CEMO Director

Amy Clarke

Deputy Director of Operations, Senior Management Analyst I

Rebekah Guerra Day

Management Analyst, Community Engagement

Gordon Haines, MLA

Deputy Heat Officer, Environmental Affairs Officer

Christine Lee, MA

Management Analyst, Policy and Research

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